The power of determination

Behind every great leader there is always a great team,but there is no great team without a great leader. These are the great leaders those have set for themselves and the team the goals,vision,having a policy enthusiasm and always been able to know the weeknesses and strengths of those in their team.We Salute these great leaders who have gone through the thick and thin of the life way and have still remained the heroic individuals.

The Inquisitive Leader – Howard Schultz

It was Howard Schultz who had to convince Starbucks to hire him after he fell in love with coffee, but Starbucks wasn’t convinced by Howard’s idea of turning coffee into a societal symbol.

Determined to challenge the traditional approach of cafe retailers in America, he started his own coffee bar called Il Giornale, and later bought over Starbucks for $3.4 million. This was about 20 years ago; and today Starbucks is a worldwide caffeine brand.

It’s Howard’s ability to take the “Why Not?” attitude and question popular mindsets that drove him to becoming the coffee icon he is today.It was the mind set he had with him that never let him go down with his ideas and kept moving forward come what may. Today he is admiored all over the world for his courage of not letting conventional thinking or even his own doubts get in the way of his creativity and his dream.

Its was the power of determination that he had kept in himself alive what kept the fire burning .

The Persistent Leader – Steve Jobs

Persistent leaders never give up despite the hardest of falls, and this was one apparent quality in Steve Jobs, the co-founder and former CEO of Apple. Being forced to leave the company in 1995 didn’t stop him from venturing on to other successes such as NeXT Computer and Pixar.He as result of these changes became furthere more determined and persistent on his goals and finally brought Apple to new heights.

When he rejoined Apple in 1996, he went on to develop  the company towards being the most successful brand in the world to date, creating a global cult of Apple users who have made its products crucial tools in their lifestyles and changing the meaning of “an apple a day”!

Steve had a vision always in his mind of the great heights where he would like to bring apple to withe his shear determination and persistence,which he finally did.He created for the world an example of a company which became a symbol of innovation,entrepreneurship ,motivation and leadership.

Steve may have also been known for his perfectionist demands, but it was his determination to position his products at the forefront of information technology that made Apple the icon it is today. We admire him for his perseverance, his relentless need to be innovative and for sticking with it till the win.

The Famous Leader – Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt was the CEO of Google from 2001 – 2011 and during his run, had helped the company to build the corporate infrastructure needed to support Google’s rapid growth during that decade, earning him a spot on the 50 most important people on the web by PC World.

Eric valued human resource and often credited his employees for his success. “Google is run by its culture and not by me,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post. Even with his previous company, Sun Microsystems, it’s been said that he was most proud of the people he hired.

We admire him for his appreciation of his employees and for helping to create one of the best working environments on the planet, as proven through the diverse culture and values at Google offices worldwide!

Who are your favorite innovative leaders, and what traits do they possess?


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