Is Your Food In Season? Check Out This Awesome Graphic to Find Out How to Eat Well All Year Round

Eat Seasonably! A Cool Infographic On Seasonal Foods

With more and more readers developing a stronger awareness on healthy nourishment and live foods, we can imagine a lot of you putting extra thought into what you chuck inside your trolley. Particularly in the fruit and vegetable displays at your supermarket, which changes by the season.

Whether you’re new or old to the concept of seasonal foods, we have found a really cool infographic by UK’s Eat Seasonably. It pulls together all seasonal fruits and greens into their respective months of the year, so you don’t have to spend too much time on your grocery list again.

Being in the know of fruit and vegetables in season not only help you plan your meals, but also help you pick the right recipes for your dinner party, as you can make sure the ingredients are supplied at the supermarket in the first place!

You’ll also be able to save cash, as having these foods available by the shipload means that sellers can’t put a steep price tag on them. And because they are hot off the racks, it’s easier to find them in the fresh.

The calendar is also available as an interactive and informative feature on the Eat Seasonably website, and in PDF formats that you can download, print out and stick on fridge!


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