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Your Purpose in Life: Do You Know What It Is?

-Guest Post

Have you discovered your life purpose yet? Are you doing exactly what you feel you should be doing? Or is there some sneaking level of discontent lurking about and a sense that there’s something more that you could be doing with your life?

Discovering your life purpose

Recently I was asked by a friend to discuss the idea of “life purpose” at my regular stillness class. I contemplated this for a little while and something occurred to me – there’s a clear divide between the people who feel they’re living their life purpose and those who don’t. Initially this felt very finite, like a black and white situation. However, I looked at my life and the lives of others and realized that like everything in this universe, it’s an ever-evolving process.

If you happen to be contemplating the idea of your life purpose this is a huge step in the process. It’s a sign that there is a sufficient overflow of energy that’s looking for an outlet to be channeled into helping others.

You’ve shifted from a point of neediness and lacking, to one of excess and giving. You may not have found the relevant outlet for it yet, but you experience a subtle urge or compulsion to move in that direction.

How that unfolds will be determined by how much excess you’ve got to give. For me, many years ago I went from a selfish place of neediness and emptiness to slowly feeling more balanced and harmonious.

Eventually what I was lacking inside filled with light and joy and turned into a subtle compulsion to share. I searched for outlets for this minor excess, and started working in a soup kitchen one morning a week. It was at this point in my life that I had a “life purpose”.

This was the extent of what I was capable of giving at that time. Then after 12 months of serving coffee on Saturday mornings to the homeless I felt a compulsion to give a little bit more. At that point my “life purpose” took on a new direction. This continues to change year after year as my depth of capacity to give increases and my awareness develops.

I think an interesting example of this is Bill Gates. Was his life purpose to provide the world with PCs or to eradicate malaria? Well, I guess it all depends on what stage of his life you asked him this question.

Quite often we can get blocked by the idea that our life purpose has to be a huge cause that will impact the world. This can be such a daunting proposition that we often get frozen by the size of it.

Perhaps at this moment in your life, your purpose is to plant trees in your local park, or to spend one day a week in a nursing home, or simply spend a few minutes each day in stillness.

Or, maybe it’s to change the blueprint for the planet or organize a fund to run desalinated water from the coast of Africa into the remote communities of the Sahara Desert?

The size of what you have to give (whether it be money, knowledge, time, energy or love) will determine how big your life purpose will be.

Either way, big or small…it will be perfect for you and the planet.

Have you recently discovered your life purpose by giving something back to the community? Tell us what you’ve discovered and the difference it’s made to your life. 


Living On the Edge: Why Risk Equals a Well-Lived Life (Inspirational Video)

“Being out on the edge, with everything at risk, is where you learn and grow the most.” – Jim Whittaker, first American to summit Mt. Everest.



It’s been 50 years since the first American climbed almighty Everest.

And to celebrate this historic achievement, here’s a beautiful 4-minute video – showcasing exactly why you need to take risks in order to achieve greatness in your life.

We love the comparisons Jim Whittaker draws between nature and life, how about you?






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